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Individual Medical

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USAway International Major Medical Plan

For US Citizens and US residents who are traveling outside the USA.

Typical uses:

  • Students studying abroad
  • Executives traveling overseas on work assignments
  • Travelers/Tourists who are seeking medical coverage, including medical evacuation, while outside the USA
  • Families traveling abroad on sabbatical
  • Missionaries traveling abroad to provide foreign aid

International Major Medical

Covers travelers to the USA for periods from 1 day to many years.

Typical uses:

  • Foreign nationals visiting
  • Immigrating to the USA
  • USA citizens coming back to the USA after being outside the USA
  • Foreign nationals living in their home country working for a US company
  • Foreign nationals travelling to the USA and additional countries prior to returning to their home country

High Limit Accident Plan

An AD&D policy which will cover a death from an accident.

Typical uses:

  • War Zone coverage
  • Key Person
  • Buy/Sell Agreement
  • International Coverage
  • Flight risks
  • Life Insurance postponement